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Sports at Alton

Sport gives pupils the opportunity to be part of a team, learn about themselves under pressure and challenge their body physically and mentally. We understand the importance of a positive sporting experience to encourage a lifelong love for sport and exercise beyond leaving our school.

It is extremely rewarding to see our pupils across both the Prep and Senior schools winning not just local fixtures but regional and national Independent Schools Association competitions on a regular basis. The success of our sporting programme however, is only as good as the number of pupils who want to be a part of it, not just the best athletes in our school. Achieving high participation in both team and individual sports is essential for the wellbeing and health of all of our pupils.

There is an expectation that pupils will play and represent the school up until Year 9 in our team sports. For girls, the major team sports are hockey, netball, athletics, tennis and rounders. For boys, the major team sports are football, rugby, cricket and athletics. Year 10, 11 and our Sixth Form can choose to play in team sports, or choose other physical activities such as using our gym.

We also understand that sport is far more than what happens on the sports field or netball court. Sport instills lifelong values into our pupils such as confidence, discipline, respect, decisiveness, a strong work ethic as well as leadership and management skills. There is growing evidence that physical activity improves academic performance, with some research showing those who are active achieve up to 40% higher scores in school tests.

Whether you are an aspiring athlete on a sport scholarship programme, or playing sport just for fun and enjoyment, the sports department at Alton School look forward to inspiring and motivating pupils to thrive, flourish and gain confidence through sport and physical activity.

Investment is taking place to improve our sports provision with a new, indoor sports facility to be built by September 2019.   An AstroTurf will be installed on the field (subject to planning permission) allowing hockey, football, cricket and tennis to be played all year around.  There is plenty of space in the field for all of these sports, including rounders and athletics, to continue being played on the real grass too.  We will install a three-lane cricket net, ready for use by September 2018.