Alton School

London, Autumn 2018, Lower Sixth

On a crisp, clear morning Lower Sixth embarked on a two-day trip to London. Catching the train to Battersea we found our accommodation and bags were dropped off. From here it was a mix of sightseeing starting off with a midday flight on the stunning London Eye. With a pod to ourselves, the 30-minute experience gave beautiful views across London. From here we left on foot, walking across Westminster Bridge to the Elizabeth Tower and Houses of Parliament. Then we passed 10 Downing Street, through Horse Guard Parade and up to the Mall. A brief visit to Trafalgar Square and then the British Museum. This was followed by dinner in Covent Garden before a few rush hour tube stops to Clue Quest. As teams, they were up against the clock to escape from various rooms by cracking codes, solving puzzles and thinking on our feet. As the final minutes and then seconds counted down, only one team managed to escape in time. An amazing adrenalin filled task that brought the best in each person and highlighted the importance of team work and communication. After this it was back to our accommodation for some much needed rest. With over 27,000 steps being clocked up there were some tired feet.

Thursday started as Wednesday had, clear blue sky, sun shining. Off we went to the Bank of England to have a lecture on finance titled “An Even Keel”. Topics covered were the history of money, influences of politics, the economy and trust between banks and customers. With most applying for student loans within the next year or two, interest rates were a hot topic of discussion.
From here it was through London and back to the River Thames where we enjoyed a boat cruise hearing about the history of the buildings that line the world famous river. A quick lunch, a visit to Southbank, and then the train home; tired, happy, and as a closer group. The sights and adventures were a way of getting to know the brilliant staff that will be working with us in the Sixth Form over the next two years and the students who we will be sharing the experience with. A huge thank you to Mr Maher, Mr Swabey, Mrs Webb for attending and especially Mr Sanderson for organising.