Sixth Form

Academic Results

A Level Results 2019

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A level results chart 2019

100% at A*- B in 15 subjects
100% at A*- A in Extended Project Qualifications
100% Distinction at BTEC
100% accepted into their university of choice

These impressive results reflect the school’s drive for continual progress and academic excellence.

A Level Results 2018

Click below for more details of our recent academic results.

A level results chart 2018

At A Level, we achieved a 100% pass rate with more than two thirds of the students received top A* – B grades and the overwhelming majority sailed into their first choice of university to read a breadth of subjects from International Relations at Exeter, Psychology at Cardiff, Music at Royal Holloway to Biology at Bristol. In a changing higher education landscape there are now a variety of routes to success. Students who chose a Btec route achieved 100% Distinction* which attracts the highest UCAS points.
Equally impressive was a 100% A* – B pass rate for the Extended Project Qualification. This rigorous qualification is premised on independent learning and research and provides essential preparation for university.

A Level Results 2017

2017 saw great results at Alton School.

At A Level, more than half the students received top A* – B grades and the overwhelming majority sailed into their first choice of university to read a breadth of subjects from International Relations, Business Studies and Nursing to History and the History of Art.  Btec results were also strong with 80% of students achieving Distinction Stars.

Equally impressive was a 100% A* – B pass rate for the Extended Project Qualification as these results can be critical in accruing UCAS points for students’ university applications.


A Level Results 2016

Bea, Charlotte, Hannah and Grace

There may have been grey skies at 9.00am but Alton Convent School has seen a happy group of smiling, confident students receiving their A level results.

Once again the pass rate for A Level has been 100%. Well over one third of students achieved A* – A grades and two thirds A*- B grades. This has ensured that all students have been accepted at universities of their choice to study a wide range of subjects including medicine, pharmacology, history, French and Russian. Special mention should be made of Beatrice Moffatt, Hannah Welsh and Charlotte Wright who each attained A* and A grades.

Terry Welsh, Hannah’s father had this to say,

“What a magnificent morning, after the sixteen years of education at Alton Convent School the wait was finally over. Hannah achieved 2 A* and 2 A’s at A Level! Her mum and I are so proud of Hannah’s commitment and hard work with her studies. We are also incredibly grateful to Mr Maher and his outstanding team at the school who have helped her achieve her dream of a place at Durham University.”

Headmaster, Graham Maher, echoed his sentiments, “I am delighted with the excellent A level results and especially pleased that all the girls were accepted into the university of their choice.”

Alton Convent School is not just about exam results but also about the extra-curricular subjects and the diverse range of trips and visits that are on offer at the school. For some of our sixth form students their next adventure starts almost immediately as they head off to India. They will be visiting our sister school St Joseph’s in Varanasi, where they will spend three weeks teaching and taking in the sights and sounds of India.

A Level Results 2015

Alton Convent School once again celebrates outstanding examination results. This year’s A level performance reflects the schools drive for continual progress and academic excellence. Headmaster, Graham Maher is pleased that 71% of students were awarded grades A* – B, a real affirmation of the school’s mission statement ‘to be the best that you can be’. He is particularly delighted that these impressive grades are reflected in subjects across the curriculum. Once again the Science subjects achieved 100% A* – B grades, as did Art, Classics, Spanish and German. Maths and Geography achieved a noteworthy 80% A*- B grades.

All girls have obtained places at a wide range of prestigious universities, including Saskia Hanssen and Caitlin Walker who achieved four A* grades and four A grades between them allowing them to take up their places to read Modern Foreign Languages at Durham and Human Sciences at Exeter. Other destinations include St Martin’s, where Emma Walton will be reading Fashion and Nottingham where Emily Barker will be reading Veterinary Science.

Mr Maher commented that Headline Scores are always pleasing but it is the individual successes that are truly rewarding.

A Level Results 2014


A delighted Issabella Cardu

Alton Convent School is quite used to celebrating outstanding examination results and this year’s A level performance has been no exception. Headmaster Graham Maher is pleased with the school’s 100% pass rate, but particularly delighted with the fact that 92% of these were awarded grades A* to C.  These impressive results were also reflected in a range of academic subjects. Most notable were 100% A*-B grades in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.  All girls have obtained places at a wide range of prestigious universities, including Amy Leather – who with two A * grades and two A grades is taking up a place at Bristol to read Veterinary Science. Other destinations include Warwick where Francesca Grassi is going to read Economics, Durham where Issabella Cardu will study Theology, whilst Alice Jenner will read Chemistry at Surrey University and Olivia Mace will find herself in Birmingham reading Classics.

Graham Maher commented, “I am delighted that students have gained entry to their chosen universities and are now in a position to concentrate on their forthcoming expedition to India which starts this week.”

The school’s AS results have been equally encouraging and bode well for success at A level next year.

A Level Results 2013

Fiona, Mr Maher, Francesca and Libby

Fiona, Mr Maher, Francesca and Libby

With 100% pass rate at A level, Alton Covent School students have yet again something to celebrate. The school’s sixth formers have always been high achievers and this year is no exception with 66% attaining A* – B grades and 87% attaining grades A* – C. These results will encourage the large number of students entering the sixth form this September to realise their own potential, following the examples of  Sophie Benford with four A grades, Fiona Tomlinson, the school’s President, who is going to study Medicine and, Kate Sharp and Sophie Smith who plan to read Law.

Graham Maher, the headmaster, is pleased that students have high expectations and do not shy away from rigorous courses at prestigious universities.

He says, “These grades prove yet again that the environment we offer here allows students to achieve not only high examination results but sets up high expectations for success and fulfilment in every aspect of their future lives.”

A Level Results 2012

Graham Maher with Felicity Pollock, Lucy Genziani and Daisy Moran

Alton Convent School has just celebrated its A level results in Olympic style, and with good reason – students achieved a 100% pass rate with nearly half of the results being an A or A* grade (17.5% at A * and 31% at A, double the national average).

Amongst the successes, Lucy Genziani and Felicity Pollock from Farnham along with Daisy Moran achieved four A* grades and are now looking forward to studying veterinary science and medicine in London, Glasgow and Birmingham. The arts were also well represented with Olivia Bartlett reading Philosophy at Cambridge and Rosie Howard from Farnham reading English Literature at Exeter.

Expressing his joy at these results, Headmaster Graham Maher emphasised that they were the product of hard work and good relationships – “We nurture and support our students,” he said, “and our reward lies in seeing them achieve what they deserve.”

For the students this was a time of relief and joy. The only tinge of sadness came from a parent who said that, although she was so excited for her daughter – “she is about to embark on what I remember as being one of the happiest times of my life, going to university”, there is just a note of nostalgia as she leaves the sixth form – “she just loved it here – the friendships, the support and the whole atmosphere of work and culture.”

The students are now eagerly anticipating the next stage at university studying subjects which include Anthropology, Civil Engineering, Classics, English History, Midwifery, Modern Languages, Philosophy and Theology. The school is confident that they leave well able to handle the independence and maturity of thought that university will require and wishes them well.

A Level Results 2011

When Alton Convent School was inspected last March, academic attainment was graded as ‘Excellent’.  Pleased though staff were with this verdict, their real pleasure came on results day seeing the students’ delight with their A level achievements. Hard work and dedication had paid off, along with the culturally enriching programme the school offers.  95% gained A*- B grades.

Mrs Sue Kirkham, headmistress, said ‘Traditionally we know we are well above national averages, but I was particularly pleased to see that this year we gained over twice the national average for the coveted A* grade. All our students have places at their chosen universities to read subjects as diverse as Law, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, International Relations, Geography and English.”

Five of our twelve students, Beth O’Dell, Elise Rattigan, Eleanor Shipton, Rochelle Sylvester and Charlotte Wong, achieved As and A* in at least three subjects.

The 32 students in the school’s Lower Sixth were equally delighted with their AS results with four  students gaining all A grades in 4 and 5 subjects and the rest again achieving results well in excess of any national average.