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Academic Results

GCSE Results 2017

Year on year, our results are strong and comparable with our local competitors, even the ones who demand strong academic attainment at entry.

GCSE results revealed that over half of the Year 11 cohort had scored the highest grades of A* and A. In particular, the new, tougher GCSEs of English and mathematics produced outstanding results well above the national average. In English Literature, the new top grade of 9 was awarded at four times the national average. In mathematics we were delighted with a 100% pass rate (grades C and above) with many pupils achieving grades 8 and 9.

All these results reflect a vibrant academic life at school and sets an excellent standard as we look forward to welcoming our first cohort of boys to Year 7 of Alton School next year.

GCSE Results 2016

Delighted Alton Convent School pupils on receiving their GCSE results

Shouts and laughs of delight resounded at Alton Convent School as Year 11 received their outstanding GCSE results. In a year when nationally GCSE results appear to have slipped, Alton Convent School is proud of the fact that 54% of students gained A*-A grades and that 80% achieved A* – B. Special congratulations go to Hannah Croutear, Emma Holford, Beth Hughes,  Florence Lappin, Kiera Leather, Bethany Magennis-Prior, Lucy O’Herlihy, Lucy Rawlings, Lauren Shea, Katie Slape, Eleanor Taylor and Emily Watson, whose ten or eleven subjects were all graded at A* or A. Lauren arrived on results morning with the added news that she has been awarded a prestigious Arkwright Scholarship, the aim of which is to nurture the country’s future leaders of the Engineering Profession.

‘These are amazing results,’ said Mrs Shea. ’We are so proud of our daughter, all her hard work has paid off and the support from the teachers was fantastic.’ The girls are now preparing for their A level studies and, as another proud parent, Mrs Holford commented, ‘Our daughter is now looking forward to the wonderful team of staff teaching her in the sixth form.’

Year 10 have taken Religious Studies a year early and the results suggest next year’s  full GCSE results will be equally spectacular. Scarlett Tommons achieved full marks for both papers in this examination.

We also congratulate Charity Culley whose AS English Literature examination answers have been chosen for publication on the AQA exam board website as an example of excellence.

GCSE Results 2015

GCSE results day delivered further cause for celebration at Alton Convent School. The results mirrored the previous week’s outstanding A-level performances with almost three quarters of students attaining A*- B grades. This included straight A* – A grades for ten pupils: Maisie Anderton, Anna Barnett, Charity Culley, Charlotte Fellows, Hermione Grassi, Olivia Haley, Sasha Hardie, Imogen Harrison, Jo Tomlinson and Rose Wright.

The past academic year also saw wider success for the Year 11 pupils. Achievements include first prize in the National Cross Country Championships for Jo Tomlinson and Olivia Haley along with Ellie Noble in the Lower Sixth. Six pupils also attained their Sports Leaders Award during this busy academic year. Recognition was also earned musically with Rebecca Morrish and Maisie Anderton performing with the Bach Choir at the Royal Festival Hall.

Year 10 pupils realised excellent results in their Religious Studies GCSE, whilst gaining useful experience and confidence for their other GCSE courses next summer. A special mention must go to Anna Caterina Nelson and Lauren Shea who took GCSE Spanish a year early and achieved an A* grade.

GCSE Results 2014

Despite warnings in the media that GCSE results would be “volatile” this year, Alton Convent School is pleased to find that, with its A* – B rate of 87%, the school’s achievement remains consistently and reliably strong. A number of  girls achieved straight A*- A grades and congratulations are especially due to Grace Jenner, Charlotte Wright, Natalia Moore, Bethany Gabriel, Eleanor Noble and Madeleine Hurlstone in view of their outstanding achievements.  Graham Maher, the Headmaster, praised not only the hard work that the pupils had put into their studies but also the hard work of all their teachers who had given wholehearted and tireless support. The girls have a sound foundation for the next stage of their careers and the school is looking forward to teaching many of them in the sixth form when they return in September.

Year 10 who have taken GCSE Religious Studies a year early again achieved excellent results and have gained useful experience and confidence for completing their GCSE courses next summer.

GCSE Results 2013

Following their A level successes the previous week, Alton Convent School have again been celebrating, this time with an 85% success rate in A* to B grades at GCSE. There were outstanding individual performances in Geography, History, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages and Science, with Caitlin Walker gaining a total of nine grades at A*, Katherine Merryweather and Amy Townsend gaining eight and Elizabeth Coleman, Lydia Fice, Elizabeth Frisby and Jasmine Wells obtaining seven grades at this impressive level. Overall, 57% of year 11’s grades were either A or A*.  “These girls have worked hard and should be very proud, as I am, of these outstanding results”, commented Mr Maher, the Headmaster, who is particularly delighted that so many of them are continuing their studies in the School’s Sixth Form.

Meanwhile the School’s tradition of entering year 10 pupils for Religious Studies at GCSE and obtaining excellent results has continued, with a 98% score at A* to B.

GCSE Results 2012

Alton Convent School has followed its success at A level with an equally impressive set of results for GCSE.  Nearly a third of the students (29.6%) achieved A*.  Although nationally A* – A grades have dropped to 22.4% at Alton Convent School 62% of all grades are at A* – A. Erin Douglas and Abigail Robinson were particularly happy on results day, having achieved 10 A* grades each.

For Rhiannon Meekin, GCSE results have given her the confidence to look forward to sixth form study at Alton Convent School in September. She said, ‘I am looking forward to the new challenges with excitement.’  Olivia Mace, who is also staying into the sixth form at the school was equally delighted with her grades and said ‘These results have made me feel very secure and I am looking forward to my sixth form studies, particularly now in subjects I feel passionate about.’

Mr Maher, the headmaster, commented that he continues to be delighted that the pattern of excellence continues year on year and that pupils achieve so many A* and A grades which reflects their hard work and commitment.  He added, “On days such as this it is right that girls are centre stage but it would be remiss not to mention and thank their hardworking and dedicated teachers.”

Year 10 girls who took Religious Studies a year early achieved an A* – A rate of 84.3%. The signs are very promising therefore for the GCSE results next year.

GCSE Results 2011

Alton Convent School has once again been celebrating outstanding results in the GCSE examinations. 100% of students achieved the national benchmark of five GCSEs with an incredible 66% of all results being awarded the top A*- A grade. On average each girl passed a total of 9.9 subjects which leaves them well placed to take on challenging Advanced Level courses in the next two years.

Averages and statistics apart, the real joy of the day came with individual triumphs, with the girls living up to the school motto to “Be the best that you can be”. Outstanding individual performances, with ten straight A*- A grades, were achieved by Mary Ala, Sophie Benford, Rebecca Clark, Katie Earl, Katie Feather, Sarah Hearn, Hannah Matthews, Francesca O’ Donnell, Sophie Smith, Kiashini Sriharan, and Fiona Tomlinson. Other notable performances came from Felicia Baily, Alice Chissell, Emily Desmond, Camellia Hayes, Alice Jenner, Megan Kerr, Elizabeth Rogers, Matilda Stent and Emily Wolley each with  nine straight A*- A grades.

The Year 10 pupils who take GCSE in Religious Studies a year early also achieved 100% success and outstanding individual results with 86% gaining either an A* or an A grade. The signs are promising therefore for an equally pleasing Results Day next year!

GCSE Results 2010

Alton Convent School’s GCSE results are again a cause for celebration. 64% of all grades were achieved at A* and A compared with 61% last year and with this year’s national average of 21.6% Rosanna Howard, Natasha Oakes-Monger and Felicity Pollock achieved outstanding performances with 10 subjects being at A*. Other excellent results with all 10 subjects being at A* and A were gained by Olivia Bartlett. Ella Bennett, Ciara Collins, Lucy Genziani, Joanne Kite, Kar Ka Lee, Hannah Maunder, Alyssa Paynter, Jessica Rogers and Frances Stephens. Mrs Sue Kirkham, headmistress, was again delighted with the students’ achievements reflecting the hard work and commitment of the students and staff.

Year 10 pupils who took Religious Studies early toppled last year’s ‘best ever score’ with an amazing 94.4% of the girls achieving A*/A grades – with half of them gaining A*.

Full expanded exam results are available on request.