Preparatory School

Prep School Life


The Prep School is an amazing place to learn for boys and girls up to 11. It is warm, friendly, high achieving and huge fun.

Your child will flourish in our small classes and friendly environment, developing at their own pace in the care of exceptional teachers. As a top Hampshire prep school we emphasise a firm grounding in the 3 Rs and we are committed to academic excellence, but that is just the start.

At Alton Prep School we can offer your child something special.  From September 2017 in years 5 and 6 we will be offering increased hands-on challenge activities to encourage creativity and innovation through problem solving.  Activities will include learning the skills of an engineer – using computing, electronics, design, technology, science and maths in a cross-curricular setting.

With 19 acres of grounds, pupils have every opportunity for fantastic outdoor learning also. It’s the best classroom ever! Active learning enhances understanding, physical well-being, teamwork and confidence.