Alton School

Scholarships and Bursaries

Prep School

Catholic Award

These are closed external scholarships awarded to Catholic children currently in a maintained primary school applying for a place in the Prep School and who would not otherwise seek admission.  It is based on academic potential and will be awarded following an assessment.  Parents and pupils will also attend an interview with the Headmaster and we will ask for evidence reflecting their commitment to the Catholic Church.

The Scholarship will continue to the end of a pupil’s education in Year 6, subject to satisfactory annual review.

Year 7 & 9 Scholarships and Awards 2019-20

Alton School offers scholarships and awards in Year 7 and Year 9 to recognise excellence and potential. All scholarships and awards are offered following successful performance in the school’s entrance exam and are reviewed annually.

Most scholarships are worth 10% of school fees unless otherwise stated. The number and size of the awards in any year are at the discretion of the Headmaster. When a monetary award is made, this is not means tested. However, families in need of financial assistance may also apply for a means tested bursary.

Scholarships are prestigious and scholars benefit from an enrichment programme in their subject area with access to extra-curricular opportunities, workshops and mentoring.

Scholarships and awards are intended to last for the duration of a student’s education at Alton School, subject to specific conditions for each award and to annual review. Recipients are required to show strong and ongoing contribution to the life of the school in their particular field, to work hard and to set a good example.

If parents do not require the fee remission attached to a scholarship in order to afford the school fees, they are invited to donate part or all of the remission to a designated bursaries fund.

Academic Scholarship Year 7 (4 awards), Year 9 (1 award)

All candidates sitting assessment for entry into Year 7 will automatically be considered for an Academic Scholarship. Candidates who attain a high standard in the entrance exam will receive an invitation to sit scholarship papers in Mathematics and English followed by an interview with a member of the school Governing Body.

Academic Scholars will be expected to attain consistently high academic results throughout their time at the school.

Art Scholarship Year 7 (2 awards), Year 9 (1 award)

Candidates will be invited to an interview and asked to talk about their Art portfolio with the Head of Art.

The portfolio should contain up to ten pieces of work covering a range of different processes and techniques and examples produced at home as well as school.  Any type of work is acceptable including photography, 3D work, collages and ceramics but there must be some evidence of painting and drawing. Please bring photographs of large or fragile 3D work.  All pieces should be clearly dated and labelled. Although work can be submitted from any age, work from the previous two years is the most important.  Art Scholars will be expected to study Art or Photography GCSE.

Drama or Dance Scholarship Year 7 (2 awards), Year 9 (1 award)

Candidates will be invited to an audition followed by an interview with the Acting Head of Drama. They will be required to bring a portfolio detailing past achievements. Portfolios can include certificates, notes from teachers and adjudicators, programmes, photographs etc.

For the audition, candidates are asked to perform two contrasting pieces.  Those who are outstanding in dance may wish to perform two dances, or one drama piece and one dance.  Dance candidates should bring in a CD with the music needed.

Drama Scholars will be expected to study Drama GCSE and to take part in school productions.

Music Scholarship Year 7 (2 awards), Year 9 (1 award)

Candidates will be invited to an audition and interview with the Head of Music.

Candidates should be prepared to perform two pieces, the second on a different instrument. Voice is considered an instrument.  It is important that candidates should have reached a practical level of Grade 3 or 4 in at least one instrument.  There may be flexibility for candidates playing cello, French horn, bassoon, oboe, trombone or harp.

The school can supply an accompanist but please remember to bring the music.  Candidates are asked to bring a portfolio with details of music exams, competitions or public performances.  Certificates, notes from music teachers or adjudicators, programmes, and photographs are all acceptable.

Music Scholars will be expected to join appropriate ensembles and choirs and to attend all public events involving music.  They will also be expected to study Music GCSE.

Violin Scholarship Year 7 (2 awards), Year 9 (1 award)

This is for an advanced violinist who has achieved Grade 4 or above.  Proficiency in a second instrument is not required.  The successful candidate will be eligible for a reduction of up to 50% of the school fees.

The application process and the expectations of Violin Scholars are the same as the Music Scholarship. However, Violin Scholars will not necessarily be expected to study Music GCSE.

Sport Scholarship Year 7 (2 awards), Year 9 (1 award)

This is not awarded for general competence at sport but for major potential in one or more sports. Candidates are expected to be performing at a high club level and taking part in competitions.

Candidates will be invited to an interview with the Director of Sport and Head of Senior School PE. Candidates will be asked to bring a portfolio which includes 5 to 10 minutes of video evidence of playing and competing in their sport. Please bring this on a memory stick. References from coaches or teachers, certificates, badges and competition details would also be useful.

It is compulsory for Sports Scholars to attend weekly strength and conditioning sessions in the gym before school as well as a nutrition workshop and a mental performance workshop. It is expected that Sports Scholars will represent the school in more than one sport team.

Sport Development Award Year 7 (2 awards), Year 9 (1 award)

Students who love sport, but who wouldn’t necessarily gain a scholarship, are encouraged to apply for a Sports Development Award.  Applicants will be asked to supply a recommendation from at least one sports coach or teacher and may be called for an assessment by our Sports Department.

Sports Development Award recipients are required to actively participate in our sports programme throughout their time at school.

Tennis Scholarship

Alton School offers an outstanding tennis programme which is embedded into the daily school curriculum. Scholars are selected according to athletic ability, willingness to learn and work hard, as well as their technical and tactical tennis ability. A tennis rating and ranking will also be taken into consideration.

Applicants will be invited to a tennis assessment day in January. Scholarships may be worth up to 50% of academic school fees. Tennis coaching fees are an additional expense.

Tennis Scholars must prioritise tennis over any other sport. All tennis scholars are expected to be playing in an agreed number of competitions and matches throughout the year outside of school.

Catholic Award

These are closed external awards for Catholic pupils currently in a maintained primary school who would not otherwise seek admission.  It will be awarded to a candidate whose performance in the entrance exam demonstrates high achievement and potential.

Candidates will be invited to an interview with the Headmaster and will be asked to produce a folder of evidence reflecting their achievements in and out of school to support their application. This folder should include a reference from a Catholic priest.

This is a means-tested award subject to satisfactory academic performance.  Parents will be asked to complete a confidential financial assessment. Recipients will be expected to actively contribute to the spiritual life of the school.


To be considered for a bursarial award your family income should not exceed £50,000 and there should not be any significant additional assets. Means tested bursaries may be considered for pupils following success in the January Entrance Examinations.  These are awarded to pupils whose parents would otherwise be unable to meet the full financial commitment of the school fees.

The bursary is awarded until the end of the sixth form. Continuation of the bursary however is subject to annual review and demonstration of need.

Following the offer of a place, parents will need to request and complete a confidential financial assessment form and supply supporting information.  This form can be obtained by contacting Mrs Pigott, the Admissions Registrar.

Sixth Form

Scholarships and awards available

  • Academic
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Sport
  • Governors’ Award

Scholarships are open to all candidates and are worth 10% of school fees.  Awards will be notified along with the offer of a place and acceptance of awards must be received by the indicated date. Where further assistance is required, scholarship awards may be supplemented by a means-tested bursary.

Please indicate on the application form if you are interested in applying for an award.

Governors’ Award

Governors’ Awards (internal applicants only) are available and worth 10% of school fees. They are made on the basis of academic performance, service to the school and community and an interview with the Governors’ selection panel.

The granting of such a prestigious award is conditional on students taking a lead in setting high standards with regard to academic achievement and services to the school.

Applicants for a Governors’ Award should be able to describe their academic achievement, the skills and attributes they can offer and their ambitions for the future.