Alton School

Emotional Wellbeing

As a Catholic school with excellent pastoral care, we have always had a strong focus on emotional wellbeing.  We nurture our students and teach them to love and value themselves.  Sadly, it is well documented that mental health has become one of the most pressing concerns for young people in recent years.

To help our students cope with the increasing stresses and strains of adolescent life, we are introducing a programme of mindfulness in the Senior School and incorporating it into the curriculum as an invaluable life skill.  This will be led by Mr Gay, Head of Religious Education and a qualified teacher of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a tool which enables us to observe and recognise our thoughts and feelings and to manage our emotional responses.  The health benefits are well-researched and wide-ranging, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving concentration and academic performance.  Initially, the programme will be introduced in Year 7 from September 2017 but it will be extended to other year groups over time.  More details about mindfulness can be found at