International Students


Below you will find some of the feedback we receive after our international students return home.

We are very pleased that Katharina has been so well received in her school and is liked. We have only heard positive things about the school, teachers, classmates and their host family from Katharina. She’s learned a lot from them over the last few months. Her interest in physics could also be rekindled, which she was not so fun to enjoy in Germany. Katharina will leave in two weeks, certainly with a laughing and a crying eye, with many experiences and fond memories in her luggage.

We’re really, really proud of our daughter for going to Alton school for 15 weeks. It is already a very big step in her life, which has brought her a lot of experience. She is very much looking forward to her homecoming, but she is also very sad that she has to separate herself from her newfound friends.

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks for the fact that Katharina was so warmly received and cared for in her school.

Warm greetings

Christian & Ines Hess