Alton School


There is a lot happening at Alton School…


The Prep School has been completely refurbished over the summer. It looks bright and airy with new carpets, fresh paint on all the walls, re-varnished floors, and smart new noticeboards. The staff and children are delighted.

The Infants classrooms, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, have been moved from the Manor House into the main body of the Prep School, bringing them closer to the Juniors and giving a greater sense of Prep School unity.

Our Nursery is in the midst of refurbishment with Red Kites and Sparrows due to move into their new rooms next week. The new Nursery garden will be open for playtime fun and lots of outdoor games and learning by Christmas.

You will have noticed that the School Office has moved! The new School Office is a much better space and is working really well. The entrance through the corridor is a temporary measure. When the rest of the school’s administrative functions move to the Manor House, a new glass-covered entrance to the School Office will be created adjacent to the front of the Manor House.

On the horizon

In January 2018 we will welcome our first male international students into the Sixth Form. Over the Christmas holidays male toilet facilities will be installed in the Sixth Form Centre and Senior School. Boys’ changing facilities will be in place by September.

Planning for further facilities is continuing and include an AstroTurf pitch, coffee shop, indoor sports facilities, boarding facilities for our international students, and a new house for the Sisters. We are on track to have the AstroTurf pitch and new coffee shop in place by September 2018.

School History

Please do go and have a look at the school history board next to the new School Office. It has lots of wonderful photos from our archives and was created over the summer by Olivia Mitchinson in the Sixth Form. Thank you very much Olivia.

For further information regarding the school’s development programme please contact Mrs Harriet Langdale, Director of Communications on 01420 82070 or email

Boys in the Senior School

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Our vision is of a modern, diverse, outward-looking school which nurtures intellectually brave, morally sound, confident young people who are prepared for life. To help us achieve this vision, the Governors and Trustees have agreed that the right step in the development of our school is to become co-educational. This will be phased in from September 2018 with boys initially joining Year 7 and in the Sixth Form.

Our approach to education has always been to recognise and adapt to the differing needs of each individual pupil. Taking boys into the Senior School will not change this. We will nurture, respect and support each and every child. We are committed to providing an environment where young men and women can learn together on foundations of trust and mutual respect.  We are confident that the future will be a more equal one and we will play our part in creating it.