Alton School


Graham Maher has been Headmaster since 2012 and led the School to its glowing Independent Schools Inspectorate report in 2017. 

In June 2017, Graham announced radical changes and a major programme of investment and development to ensure that the school best prepares current pupils for life in the future and remains a centre of excellence for generations to come.

He was born in the Midlands in 1971 and attended school in Birmingham.  Graham went on to read Theology at Oxford and has a teacher qualification and an MA in Education from London University. He is grateful for the strong sense of belief and commitment his Roman Catholic upbringing brought to him. “It gave me a sense of purpose,” he says. “Alongside all the sport I did, and the fun I had growing up, there was always my Christian faith. It never wavered. And I believe in family too. With five brothers and a sister, that has always been important to me.”

Graham Maher is stepping down at the end of the Easter term 2020 after eighteen years of loyal and devoted service to Alton School.