Alton School


Inspiring Futures

We are proud of our careers programme at Alton. We aim to help pupils:

  • identify their strengths and interests
  • kindle aspirations about their futures
  • provide them with the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions equip them with skills for life and the world of work

Careers Programme

We start our careers programme informally in the Prep School, introducing different occupations and tackling common gender stereotypes in certain jobs and industries before they become ingrained. Pupils from Years 5 and 6 also attend our biennial Careers Fair.

Our formal careers programme starts in Year 7 and progressively builds through to the Sixth Form. To enhance and supplement it, we use the expertise and specific services of an independent organisation, Morrisby, a leading provider of careers information, advice and guidance for young people in the UK, particularly in schools such as ours. We offer:

  • Careers awareness and employability skills: taught in our Personal, Social, Health, Moral and Economic curriculum. Pupils assess the development of their employability skills and review progress in a range of key areas (e.g. communications, information analysis) in Learning Journals at the end of each term (Years 7-13)
  • Inspirational speakers: guest speakers in assemblies provide insight into their particular industry and career history.   There are additional talks for Sixth Form (Years 7-13)
  • Careers Fair: around 30 exhibitors plus a choice of talks for Years 11, 12 and 13.   This annual fair is held alternately at Alton School and Salesian College. When held at Salesian, we take our Sixth Form. When held here, Years 5 to 13 attend.
  • Careers Week: A programme of activities and events in school to raise awareness of the diversity of careers and pathways available and the importance of developing employability skills (Years 7 to 13)
  • Careers Investigator: An online questionnaire and analysis provides an accurate picture of each pupil’s interests and skills and how these relate to careers and the world of work.  It supports decision-making on possible GCSE options and future career pathways (Year 9)
  • Young Enterprise Launchpad: A one-day workshop providing a practical taste of the world of work and the excitement of running a business (Year 9)
  • ‘Take Your Son or Daughter to Work’: connects classroom learning to the adult working world and gets children thinking about their adult lives and careers (Year 9)
  • Curriculum options evenings: teachers set out the courses available and the possible career paths and skills related to these subjects (Year 9 and Year 11)
  • Individual Interviews: pupils are interviewed individually by a member of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss their subject options and possible career interests (Year 9 and 11)
  • Morrisby assessment: individual psychometric profiling providing detailed analysis of aptitude, skills and personality traits, points to suitable career paths and personalised support for further research. There is access to an online platform with a wealth of up-to-date careers education content and specific advice and a personal statement builder where students can log work experience, volunteering, career research etc. The account belongs to the student and stays with them for life. (Year 10 – £30 cost)
  • Study skills: externally-run workshops on learning to study, organise yourself, and revision techniques (Years 10 and 11)
  • Enterprise Day: a biennial day of practical learning about business – groups are given a set of tasks and are mentored and judged by a panel of local entrepreneurs (Year 11 and 12)
  • National Citizen Service: we share information and facilitate presentations from this summer programme which is designed to build confidence and develop work skills (Years 11 & 12)
  • Work experience: students are encouraged to find work experience and to try and arrange it themselves in order to develop useful employability skills! We can provide assistance if needed (Year 11 -13)

In addition, Sixth Formers have:

  • Weekly one-to-one sessions with their tutor
  • Academy: weekly classes to develop and broaden their understanding of the wider world
  • Wednesday Activities: many of these activities aid the development of ‘soft skills’ deemed vital for the modern employer
  • Extended Qualification Project: A self-directed research project which develops project management, organisational skills, time management, independent research and presentation skills
  • Morrisby assessment: Sixth Formers are provided with a bespoke careers plan following a discussion about their Morrisby assessment (from Year 10) with the Careers Coordinator and Sixth Form team. Students who do not currently have a Morrisby assessment can complete one at the start of Year 12.
  • Interview training and practice: all Year 13 pupils are offered interview training and practice with an independent specialist
  • UCAS guidance: individual support from the UCAS Co-ordinator and Sixth Form tutors in the process of deciding and applying for post-18 options
  • Work experience: students are encouraged and supported to pursue relevant work experience whenever possible
  • Mentors: we try to match students with particular interests with relevant mentors in the workplace wherever possible
    Lourdes and India trips: students can participate in two trips that require them to organise a programme of fundraising activities

Careers Support

If you are interested in opening pupils’ eyes to the range of career paths available, please contact Sarah Penny, Careers Co-ordinator, at We are particularly looking for:

  1. Mentors: to be a point-of-contact via email for a student who is interested in your sector
  2. Work experience placements: 1 day work-shadowing or longer work experience placements for a student interested in your industry
  3. Speakers: to talk about your career in an Assembly or Sixth Form Academy lesson
  4. Exhibitors and speakers: at our biennial Careers Fair in March