Alton School

About Us

Alton is an excellent independent school in Hampshire which attracts bright, talented pupils, not just those who are academically gifted, but those who have something to offer and will make the most of the opportunities we provide.

Our guiding principles, drawn from the Constitutions of our founders, the Sisters of Our Lady of Providence, recognise that excellence is not just about outstanding academic results. We believe in a broad, liberal education which nurtures mind, body and soul. We help our pupils find their moral compass, to understand themselves and what they can contribute to the world, to make the most of life and the talents they have been given. This is encapsulated by our motto: ‘Be the Best that You can Be’. Built on these principles, our vision is of a modern, diverse, outward-looking school which nurtures intellectually brave, morally sound, confident young people who are prepared for life.