Richard Hoyes

Richard Hoyes sadly passed away on Friday, 29 May after fighting cancer for the last 13 months

“I had the privilege of working with Richard Hoyes for fifteen years at Alton Convent School, as it was then known. He was a brilliant teacher and a treasured colleague.

He was also, as I’m sure he would have admitted, mildly eccentric. How many teachers do you know who would turn up for class wearing multicoloured shoe-laces and a tie made of dominoes and proceed to deliver a lesson on Macbeth accompanied by the cast of a (non-violent) Punch and Judy Show for the benefit of the microphones of Radio 4, as he once memorably did? He knew the benefits of getting pupils’ attention! 

He was a welcome presence in the staff room too, dispensing wisdom, expertise and encouragement in equal measure. Many a daily briefing meeting was enlivened by a murmured, beautifully timed and hilarious witticism from the back of the staff room. And, of course, there were the annual staff Christmas Pantomimes which he wrote, directed and performed in. He would coax memorable performances from the most reticent of staff members and rein in those of the more ebullient for the delight of the youngest Reception Class pupil right through to the “cool” girls of the Sixth Form.   

I could go on for some time reminiscing about Richard. He was a colourful character and there is lots to remember but what I will recall most particularly was his unfailing kindness with everyone he encountered. I cannot think that there will be many – pupils, colleagues or friends – who will remember him with anything other than great fondness.

He will be missed.”

Terry McWillams

June 2020


There will be a memorial service in due course to which all pupils (past and present), colleagues and friends are invited. 

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