Staying Curious at BAE Systems STEM day

LR: Colombian exchange students Danni and Maria with Hattie Palmer and Mary Hurst, standing alongside Miranda Lowe, a Marine biologist who works at the Natural History Museum. She uses several languages when looking up historical journals, has worked with David Attenborough and looks after Charles Darwin’s barnacles! She is so enthusiastic about her work and super inspiring!

On Monday of half term, Mary and Hattie from Y10, together with Colombian exchange students Dani and Maria, took part in an exciting day at BAE Systems, an International Applied Intelligence Cyber Security company in Farnborough. This event, hosted by Head STEMette, Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, was a celebration of women in STEM. The panel discussed different ways people began their STEM related careers, A level choices, degrees, work experience and apprenticeships. The panel included the Head of Commercial Banking Stategy, Lloyd’s Bank, a Data and Technology Strategist, a Scientist working at the Natural History Museum, an Engineering Director, Medical Journals Editor, and the Head of Consulting, National Security from BAE Systems.

Advice from the day included… study something you love, broaden your mind by studying a wide range of subjects, have a balance in life, keep asking questions, don’t be afraid to have a go, be positive, take opportunities and stay curious!

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