Year 2 explore Blue Reef Aquarium

On Friday 15th June, Year 2 set off on an exciting journey, to explore the drama of the British coast, the underwater gardens of the Mediterranean, and the dazzling beauty of a spectacular coral reef. The morning began along the seafront on a beautiful sunny day, admiring famous landmarks such as the Spinnaker Tower and historical monuments not to forget the ships, ferries and seagulls across the calm sea.

On arrival at the aquarium the children had a guided tour to learn about the inhabitants of the Solent sea. They were mesmerised by the many fascinating creatures right in front of their eyes and intrigued to learn top facts such as: a ray is essentially a ‘flattened-out’ version of a shark, and undulate rays can lay eggs, unlike stingrays who give birth to live young. The children looked on in awe as they came across a whole host of creatures from sharks to clownfish, jellyfish to otters, there was plenty to see! The fun continued as the children entered the spectacular underwater tunnel and came face to face with the aquatic world and took in the colourful inhabitants of the exotic coral reef. A visit to the planet’s rainforest led to an encounter with the most amazing amphibians from deadly poison dart frog to curious iguanas. The children were horrified to learn that without the rainforest there would be no coffee, bananas, tomatoes or chocolate! As the children entered the oceans depths they encountered some of the smartest and strongest predators – deadly piranhas!

The highlight of the morning was the rockpool encounter, a fantastic opportunity to get up-close and personal with sturdy creatures which inhabit rockpools. The children witnessed some clawed-friends such as hermit crabs, giant spider crabs and a lobster. They handled them carefully and had the opportunity to observe and touch starfishes. Many questions were asked by our inquisitive pupils about habitats and unusual features which were confidently answered by the aquarist.

After a well -deserved lunch, the children strolled along Southsea seafront with an ice-cream in hand identifying the physical and human features of the seashore. Many cuttlefish shells and crab shells were spotted and collected as souvenirs of the trip as excited children mounted the mini-bus to return to school. A fantastic time was had by all as science and geography came to life at the aquarium and along Southsea seafront.

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