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Year 5 learn about life on the ISS

Last week Year 5 spent a thoroughly enjoyable day at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium for Space Week 2017.

After exploring the various scientific exhibits on display and being able to handle different meteorites from Space dating back over 4.5 billion years, the children spent time learning about what life would be like on the ISS. Did you know that it takes the ISS about 90 minutes to orbit the Earth and that you would see 16 sunrises and sunsets each day from the ISS versus the one we experience daily from Earth?  The children learnt about the lack of water on the ISS and why recycling and absorbing water on the ISS is so important.  They worked in groups to investigate which material was the most water absorbent and were surprised to learn that the white powder they used in the experiment was a chemical used in nappies to absorb maximum liquid and that astronauts in space also wear adult sized nappies otherwise known as Maximum Absorbency Garments!!

Our wonderful day ended with a trip to the Planetarium where we learnt all about the size and shapes of different constellations of stars, how to identify the North Star and the overall sheer vastness and amazement of the universe. Did you know that all the planets are named after Roman Gods other than Uranus which is named after a Greek God?  Also, before Uranus took its name after the Greek God of the Sky, it was formally known as George!

We returned to school elated, full of Space facts and with many further topic questions to investigate.

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