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Celebrating 30 years of Anglo-German cooperation


Alton School Head of Music, Mrs Douglas, recently spent two weeks at our partner school, the Albert Einstein Gymnasium in Hamelin.

Her visit was part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of cooperation and exchanges with this grammar-style school. Mrs Douglas was a guest of the music department and supported both music clubs at lunch time but also got actively involved in the partner school’s summer concert where she not only sang in the choir but also played the piano. Both sides found the exchange very enriching and fruitful.

Mrs Douglas summarised her stay as follows:

“Music is an international language … one needs no words to understand it. Nevertheless, I am taking home a lot of nice memories of my time at the AEG. In two weeks I have gained many insights into the teaching of music here in Germany and the work with the wind instrument class and the clubs has given me much pleasure! Although my school is quite different – and significantly smaller – I believe that there are many similarities between our schools, such as the stress that all music teachers and teachers have when they rehearse for a big concert! The summer concert was a lot of fun especially the beautiful and full sound of the orchestra with so many brass instruments (I only have a trumpet and a trombone in my orchestra!) and the enthusiastic singing of the choirs. The work with the girls of the pen pal club has also given me great pleasure. German pupils are very keen to write letters to their friends at Alton School and greatly enjoyed the exchange visit by Year 9 students to Hamelin in the summer term. We have rehearsed a song with all participants of the German exchange which reaches across Years 8 and 9. We will perform this song together during a live Skype session on the occasion of our anniversary in our assembly upon my return to England.

Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Carmine, Mrs. Dörner, Mrs. Gottschalk and Mrs. Hentschel for their enormous support during my stay in Hamelin.”


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