ACS recent visit to Colombia

It’s a grey, miserable British day here at Alton Convent School; Colombia seems a world away, “it all seems so surreal” says Bea. Izzy and Bea haven’t been able to stop thinking about their once-in-a-lifetime trip.

The two girls were blown away by the “Carnaval De Baranquilla”, according to Izzy, as they were surrounded by the vibrant floats, the dancing, the masks, the costumes, the foam fights and a lot of noise! “We joined in with the 10th graders’ dance lessons to celebrate the carnival.” From Salsa to Samba, the girls enjoyed every second of their trip; they even made new friends amongst the Colombian students.

“The weather was always hot and sticky,” Bea told us, still mesmerised by journey. The girls enjoyed experiencing Colombian lessons with their pen pals, not that they understood a word of it! In the afternoon the girls would joyfully plunge into the cool, crystal blue water of the on-site pool at our sister school; it was a perfect way to cool down after a morning in the blazing sun. “It was the best part of the day, I would always look forward to it!” Izzy says, “We would eat lollipops while resting on the pool edge” Bea added, making us all feel very jealous of this utopian lifestyle the girls had experienced!

As Izzy and Bea settle back down into their, now seemingly boring, life in England they share their wonderful experiences with other pupils. Since the girls have returned they have told us many stories about their life-changing journey; they have even inspired other pupils to travel to Colombia for the next student exchange as well…

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