Peace and relaxation in the Upper Sixth

Pets As Therapy – pets, handlers and ‘patients’!

With looming A-Level exams and university decisions to be made, Upper Sixth students were given an afternoon of stress relief through the Pets As Therapy charity.

A variety of dogs, including Kizzy the cockerpoo and Lemmy a black labrador, were on hand to ease anxiety and stress. The therapy pets are already widely used in hospitals and nursing homes to help relax and revive patients.

Now sessions have been organised to help calm students who are currently preparing for their exams.

Research has shown that the mere act of stroking a dog has exceptional benefits including: slowing down heart rate, reducing blood pressure, calming nerves, regulating breathing and elevating mood – all of which can only enhance our students’ study and exam prospects.

Charity Culley, Vice President, said, “It was a welcome break from the pressure of A-Levels and we all thoroughly enjoyed meeting and learning about the PAT dogs. We are greatly looking forward to seeing them again soon”.

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